Meriwether lives to tell the stories of those unsung, extraordinary people all around us. She is a Marine Corps historian (civilian) & a US Navy Reserve veteran. Founder & head of 501(c)3 USMC news source. She is a communication scholar and graduate of Regent University (BA), Texas Tech University (MA) The London School of Economics (MSc). She is a patriotic Virginian who reveres her British roots, and finds London the greatest city in the world.

What People Say

I had the pleasure of hosting Meriwether while she interviewed my team of Marines. During her time with us she was polite, inquisitive, and a very easy person to talk to. I really enjoyed her follow-on article as she perfectly captured the life and perspective of Marines overseas.

Nathan Cleary, Editorial Photographer, US Marine, Retired.

The style of this writing is that of a storyteller. Different from the approach of historians; and yet it compliments an extremely important and perhaps largely unknown aspect of Chesty Puller. It was an enjoyable read, and edifying. It will be your magnum opus. Semper fi.

Col. Robert J. Abblitt, USMC, Ret. re Puller Chronicles: Secrets and Mysteries of the Greatest Marines’ Heroic Ancestral Faith

I contacted Meriwether when my late husband’s profile dropped off the Corps Stories website and his funeral at Arlington Cemetery. I was quite distressed as this was the only reminder my children had of their father’s funeral – which was quite something but not captured adequately from the photographer we hired. Meriwether quickly apologized, had the profile replaced and sent me a flashdrive of photos of the funeral. Very accommodating and professional. Thank you!

Suzanne Tully, Widow of Col. Tully, USMC, NYPD

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